By supporting Girls Inc. of Central Alabama, you empower girls to make their voices heard.

To stand up for themselves.

To be proud to be female.

You empower them to reach their fullest potential and to pursue careers in fields historically dominated by men.

You allow them to learn about their bodies and encourage them to make healthy decisions.

You inspire them to think about their futures and how to become the leaders of tomorrow.

And you are helping to stop sexual harassment and violence by creating a healthier, safer culture for all young people.

Girls are the hope for Alabama’s future. With you in her corner, she will fight for a brighter future.

Examples of how your gift could impact a girl to become a leader of tomorrow :

$25 could send her to school with a set of brand new school supplies.

$50 could provide her with an hour of life skills lessons that would teach her how to protect herself from bullying and unhealthy relationships.

$100 could build her confidence through sports by replacing a torn volleyball net or purchasing soccer equipment for her Girls Inc. soccer team.

$250 could let her experience a Girls Inc. Club, our new in-school, girls-only program that enhances their education by providing the full Girls Inc. Experience to girls.

$500 could purchase a new laptop to help our her increase their knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects.

$1,000 could give her and her sister a full year of after-school educational enrichment.






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